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Kev has just completed a 4 CD album set of songs that have previously never been recorded dating from 1967-2014 due to be released mid 2014.

Cannot Buy My Soul

Long time friend and collaborator, Paul Kelly, gathered together a few of Australia’s most respected artists to record some of Kev’s songs. According to Kev, “these musicians and singer/songwriters have shown me how it should be done”. A second CD with Kev’s original recordings completes this essential CD, which featured in the book 100 Best Australian Albums.

Cannot Buy My Soul CD
  1. I’ve Been Moved – Dan Kelly
  2. Thou Shalt Not Steal – John Butler Trio
  3. Elly – Bernard Fanning
  4. The Young Dancer is Dead – The Last Kinection
  5. From Little Things Big Things Grow (Carmody/Kelly) – The Waifs
  6. River of Tears – The Drones
  7. On The Wire – Troy Cassar-Daley
  8. Cannot Buy My Soul – Archie Roach
  9. Moonstruck – Sara Storer
  10. “Flinders Theme” (Mairead Hannan) – Mairead Hannan
  11. “One Night the Moon” (P Kelly, John Romeril) – Kaarin Fairfax, Memphis Kelly
  12. “Moon Child” (M Hannan, Deirdre Hannan) – M Hannan, Deirdre Hannan
  13. “The Gathering” (M Hannan) – M Hannan
  14. “Now Listen Here: Introduction to This Land is Mine” (M Hannan, D Hannan, Alice Garner) – M Hannan, D Hannan, Alice Garner
  15. “This Land is Mine” (P Kelly, Kev Carmody) – P Kelly featuring Kelton Pell
  16. “The March Goes On/The Gathering 2″ (medley) (M Hannan, M Hannan) – M Hannan
  17. “Spirit of the Ancients” (K Carmody) – Kev Carmody
  18. “What Do You Know” (M Hannan, D Hannan, P Kelly, K Carmody) – K Fairfax, K Pell
  19. “Carcass/The Gathering 3″ (medley) (M Hannan, M Hannan) – M Hannan
  20. “Night Shadows” (M Hannan, D Hannan, A Garner, K Carmody) – K Carmody, A Garner
  21. “Blacks and White” (K Carmody) – K Carmody
  22. “Moment of Death” (M Hannan) – M Hannan
  23. “Hunger” (M Hannan, D Hannan) – M Hannan, D Hannan
  24. “Unfinished Business” (P Kelly, K Carmody) – K Pell, K Fairfax
  25. “Spirit of the Ancients” (reprise) – K Carmody
  26. “Moody Broody” (D Hannan) – D Hannan
  27. “Little Bones” (M Hannan, P Kelly) – K Fairfax
  28. “Oh Breathe on Me” – Ruby Hunter
  29. “Moonstruck” (Carmody) – K Carmody


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